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Mark Harris and Rich Knight offer years of experience in bike fitting.

It’s important to first understand the difference between bike sizing and a bike fit. If you’re purchasing a new bike, remember that bike sizing is done to determine the correct bike frame size.

Bike fitting, on the other hand, alters the bike to fit the cyclist’s unique body architecture to maximise efficiency. 

Bike sizing and bike fitting can – and sometimes should – go hand in hand and can be done during a fit.

A bike fitting uses a multidimensional approach that looks at every aspect of the cyclist and their connection to their bike.

During the fit the athlete is asked a series of questions to determine their cycling goals, identify prior injuries, highlight discomfort felt when riding, and other pertinent questions.

Whether you want to ensure your existing bike is optimally set up for you or you want a fitting to inform your new bike purchase, call us on 01442 873000 or email [email protected] to discuss the options and book an appointment.

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