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Here at Lovelo we don’t just service your bike, we patch it up when broken, restore it when tired and give it a new lease of life when old. We aim to be as efficient as possible without sacrificing quality. We don’t go cramming jobs in just to make a quick buck. We care about your bike as much as you do, and we’ll even give it a good clean and polish if you wish not just to make it look good again but the finish actually repels water and grime to reduce it building up, wearing of parts and weighing you down.

Who makes up Lovelo?

Mark Harris

Tim Warrell

Josh Scott

Lovelo Supported Teams and Athletes

Lovelo Squadra Donne

Aston Hill Saracen Downhill

Firecrest x Lovelo Downhill Team


Anna Henderson – Sunweb

Nick Clarke – Arctic AirCon RT

Michael Broadwith – Arctic AirCon RT

Paul Douglas – Lovelo RT

Berkhamsted CC

Hemel Hempstead CC

Watford Velo CC

Tring Velo’s CC

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