Bike Fitting

Bike Fitting

Bike Fit.

Let us help you make your new bike YOUR new bike with our expert fitting service.
The bicycle is a perfectly symmetrical machine. The body is a natural, unsymmetrical organism. Adapting your bicycle correctly to your body is key to your enjoyment, comfort, efficiency and speed in cycling. We spend many hours sat astride our machines, let us help you get the most out of your cycling. Whether you seek performance optimisation, you are completely new to cycling or are suffering from discomfort, a visit to our fitting studio will help you develop a new level of synergy with your bike and open the door to increased efficiency, comfort and pleasure.

About Doug.

Doug has been a member of the local cycling community for many years. He is a former Elite road racer. His favourite races were long and hilly and he was renowned for his staying power – not his sprinting ability! Doug was the National Masters Road Race Champion in 2017 and raced at a national level in the UK as well as abroad. In Time Trialling, Doug was a consistent winner of Open and club events- although he never quite got the elusive sub 20 minute time on the Hemel CC Club 10 that he sought!
Doug’s interest in bike fitting started when – as a racer – he sought ways to deal with his own fit issues and those of his friends. He has first-hand experience of many fit- related issues, a strong understanding of bio-mechanics relating to cycling and running and a wealth of knowledge relating to physical performance in all sports.
These days Doug cycles for fun and adventure and loves to run in his spare time.

Full Bike fit.

A typical full bike fit session lasts 2.5hrs. After a thorough physical assessment, we secure your bike to a turbo and assess and record your starting position with our precision measuring system.  

By using our established bike fitting principles and expert eye, motion capture software and a wealth of bike fitting experience, we will help you to achieve a comfortable, efficient and powerful bike set-up.

Your connection to your bike will be tailored to your physiology from the feet upwards. 

 A cyclist should be at one with their bike. If you suffer from any stiffness, discomfort or tension anywhere in your body when cycling, your position could definitely be optimised! 

At the end of your session, you will be provided with a comprehensive record of your starting and finishing position as well as a list of any further material that has been referenced in the course of the appointment. 

Suitable for all types of cyclist. Road, mountain, gravel and TT bikes and the best practise solution for confirming the size of your new bike.  

Cost: £150, additional workshop time and parts will be charged accordingly.

Cost deducted from the price of a new bike purchase.  


Pre-fit assessment. 

Typical duration 30 mins. 

Cost £40  

Our expert member of staff will provide you with the basic foundations of a good fit. Suitable for assessing which size you might need for your new bike or transferring your existing fit onto a new bike.  

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