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Enduro Bikes

Transition Bikes is a rider owned company, that supports all riders. They are in this for the friendships, amazing places and sheer excitement they get from simply riding a bike, and hope all that desire these feelings, will feel welcome to join us and grow the community for the better.



When it comes to the old saying, riding is believing, it couldn’t be more true for the Sentinel. This bike will scramble your brain as to how capable it is, how rowdy it can get, yet how composed it is as an all-around trail bike. The Sentinel has amazed critics and earned the title of one of the most downhill attacking long travel 29ers available.

From: £2,999


How do you improve on our most popular bike that won “bike of the year” twice? Simple, put a coil shock on it. Being one of our most versatile bikes in the lineup, it was a natural fit to take the suspension to the next level.
We’ve given the Patrol the supple feel of a downhill bike without losing the ability to hammer out the miles. If you need your bike to be a daily driver for your local trails as well as your bike park and shuttle session steed, the Patrol is the perfect choice.

From £3,199


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