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Banshee is made up of a handful of riders who share one simple goal. To make the best mountain bikes possible so that you can upgrade your ride.

We are not a brand that takes the easy buck by jumping on the latest hype, or questionable marketing claims. Instead we choose to focus our efforts on the performance and quality of the product, to make frames that we and our customers want to ride. Frames that perform better the harder they are pushed, so encourage you to ride faster, jump higher, explore further and never hold you back. As soon as you ride one of our frames hard you’ll know exactly what we are talking about, but the below information shows a few features that make us stand above the competition.

We make Real Bikes for Real Riders.

Custom Hydroformed Tubeset

Hydroforming is a process that enables us to maximize strength to weight ratio of our tubesets by tightly controlling cross-sectional shape and wall thickness exactly throughout the length of each 7005 T6 tube.

Combined with multiple FEA load simulations to optimize every element of the design for each tube for each frame, hydroforming enables us to maximize frame performance. Creating complex shaped tubes to maximize specific strength while minimizing weight and control the stiffness profile to give us desired ride characteristic.

Other benefits of using hydroformed tubes include less welds, less waste material, and higher precision when compared to standard tubes.

We use this process on all our frames to ensure that Banshee frames have superior strength to weight ratio, and optimized stiffness profiles for maximum performance on the trail.

Found on all models.

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