Creating your dream mountain bike

Every custom build journey starts in a different way and we’re here to work with you on your project in the way that suits you. Before we start a build, we’ll always book you in for a consultation, but below you can start your custom bike journey online by viewing some of our most popular build options. Of course we can source far more than the selection here, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for, then contact us here or call us at the shop and we’ll be on hand to help answer your questions.

We don’t charge any labour on Custom builds when all the parts are bought from us, and we’ll always sort you a deal when possible.

Step 1

Selecting A Frame

The frame is the heart of your mountain bike & this is where we start with your dream build. It’s also the part that is the most important as you can upgrade or replace everything that hangs off it but the frame is the most expensive part of your build so selecting the right one is vital.

Step 2

Choosing Your Suspension

This is what keeps your wheels tracking the ground and you in control of your bike over undulating terrain.

Coil sprung or Air sprung?  We help you choose based on type of bike and riding style and we set up spring rates accordingly.

Step 3

Wheels & Tyres

Wheels come in a variety of different widths and diameters & make a huge difference to your bikes handling, acceleration and rolling speed.

More often than not we prefer to hand-build our wheels to suit the rider and usage application.

Tyres determine your Grip and Speed levels on the bike and although there are tyres that perform fairly well in ‘most’ conditions, here in Britain we do have a healthy mix of weather!

Step 4

Drivetrain & Brakes

Electronic, Mechanical or Wireless? 1x, 2x or 3x? 10, 11 or 12 speed? And that’s just gears.

All these options will finish your build and they will all do exactly the same thing for you as in CHANGE GEAR and BRAKE but they can also be replaced/upgraded at a fairly low cost in comparison to the other components so, whilst they are an important part of your bicycle, if your budget doesn’t allow it then this area is where you can keep the costs down a touch without sacrificing the rest of the bike.

Custom  Mountain Bike Builds
Custom  Mountain Bike Builds

Step 5

Cockpit & Finishing Kit

This category is made up of the components that will help you feel most comfortable and keep you controlling the bike properly.  They are your connection to the ground and give you the feedback you need over whichever terrain you cover.  It is made up of Handlebars, Stem and Grips, Seatpost and Saddle and Pedals.

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